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Widow Pension Scheme 2021, It’s How To Apply

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Widow Pension Scheme 2021:– Friends, today we have told you about very important information through this article. In this article, what is Widow Pension Scheme 2021, what is its purpose and in which states this scheme has been implemented and how can apply for it? To know complete information about all these, definitely read the article till the end.

Widow Pension Scheme 2021:– Widow Pension Scheme has been start for those women whose husband has died. After the death of her husband, there is no elder to take care of her, in a situation, the government has started a pension scheme for widowed women.

Widow Pension Scheme 2021 The government will provide a pension of Rs 500 per month to women between the age of 18 years to 55 years. The government will give an amount of 700 rupees per month to women from 55 years to 60 years and the government will give 1000 rupees per month as pension to the women above 60 years.

Purpose of Widow Pension Scheme

The main purpose of the Widow Pension Scheme is to provide some amount every month as pension to widow women whose financial condition is not good, who are unable to maintain themselves.
Under this scheme, those women get benefits, whose PTI has died. In whose house no one else is left to earn. In such a situation, the government gives some money to spend their lives. Widow women and poor women can take advantage of this scheme.
This scheme has been implement in all the states of India.
Under this, widowed women of all states of India can take advantage of this scheme.

Documents Require for Widow Pension Scheme

Passport size photo (any two).
Identity Card:- Aadhar Card, Ration Card, Voter Id and Driving License etc. (any one of these).
Certificates:- PAN Card, Mobile Number, License, Bhamashah Card and Light Bill etc. (any one of these).
bank details.
Husband’s death certificate.
Caste certificate.
age certificate.
income certificate.
(Note: – Women who remarry cannot get the benefit of this scheme.)

Women of all states of India can avail the benefit of the Widow Pension Scheme. Some people are taking the wrong advantage of this scheme, the woman who has died, they also take her pension and do not tell about it to the state government. Even now the pension money is being waste in the accounts of the women who have died.

Widow Pension Scheme

Along with this, women who have remarried are also getting pension money due to this scheme. With this scam coming to the fore, the state governments have decide that all the beneficiary women who take benefit of this scheme will be investigate. Those who have died will get the money back for recovery.

Here below you have been give complete information about Widow Pension Scheme in different states.

Maharashtra Widow Pension Scheme

Under this scheme, an amount of 700 rupees will be provided as a pension to the poor and widowed women of Maharashtra state. In this, the age of the woman must be above 18. The government of Maharashtra will give 750 rupees per month to the woman who also has children. So that he can take care of his child well.

up the widow pension scheme

This scheme has been start for the economically weaker women of the state. Under this scheme, widow women will get Rs 500 per month as pension. The income of the family applying for the scheme should not be more than 20000.

Rajasthan Widow Pension Scheme

The benefit of this scheme is for the widowed women who belong to the poor class, whose husband has died. Under this scheme, a pension of Rs 500 per month will be provided to women between the age of 18 years to 55 years. The government will give an amount of 700 rupees per month to women from 55 years to 60 years and the government will give 1000 rupees per month as pension to the women above 60 years.

Madhya Pradesh Widow Pension Scheme

In order to make the women of their states self-reliant, the government of Madhya Pradesh has started this scheme for widowed women. Due to this scheme, the state government of Madhya Pradesh will give Rs 600 per month as a pension to widowed women.

How to Apply for Widow Pension Scheme

To apply for Widow Pension Scheme, you have to go to the Widow Pension Scheme website of your state (the website of Widow Pension Scheme of all states is different).
Here you have to click on Widow Pension Scheme.
Then fill in all the information asked in the form and click on submit.
In this way, your registration will be done for Widow Pension Scheme.

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