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How To Take LIC Kanyadan Policy, Its Benefit

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LIC Kanyadan:- This scheme has been started by the life insurance companies of India under the bright future of daughters. There is no money for Those parents who can save a little money in a month and deposit it in the bank. By saving Rs 135 per day, Rs 4,050 for the month and a total of Rs 48,600 have to be deposited throughout the year.

Kanyadan policy scheme has been start to invest in the education and marriage of daughters. This plan is for till your daughter grows up.

The tenure of the LIC Kanya policy plan is from a minimum of 12 years to a maximum of 25 years.

The only objective of the LIC Kanyadan policy scheme is to give a bright future to your daughter.

Middle-class people are worried about their daughter’s marriage, education for their whole life. You can get rid of this worry by getting the LIC Kanyadan policy scheme.

Key Features of LIC Kanyadan Policy Scheme

  • Under the LIC Kanyadan policy scheme, if the insured dies, then his family members get 5 lakh cases.
  • Under the Kanyadan policy scheme, if you save 70 rupees a day and deposit it, then at the time of your daughter’s marriage, you will be provided Rs 13 lakh for your daughter’s marriage.
  • LIC Kanyadan policy plan is for 12 years to 25 years.
  • The one who is taking this policy can choose to pay anyone who opts out of 8,10,15 or 20 years as per his requirement.
  • The premium payment term under the LIC policy plan is limit.
  • If you save 250 rupees per day, then after 25 years you will be give 50 lakh rupees at the time of your daughter’s marriage.
  • Under the LIC Kanyadan policy scheme, the benefit of bonus will also be receive by LIC every year.
  • The benefit of the LIC policy can be avail only for the bright future and marriage of your daughter.
  • LIC Kanyadan policy plan is absolutely free plan.
LIC Kanyadan

LIC Kanyadan Policy Scheme

  • Any father can take the LIC policy scheme for the bright future of his daughter.

Who can take advantage of LIC Kanyadan Policy Scheme

  • Only the father of the daughter can avail the benefit of LIC Kanyadan policy.
  • In Kanyadan policy, the age limit is above 18 years and up to 55 years.
  • There is no limit on the Sum Assure at the time of maturity of the Kanyadan policy plan.
  • It depends on you how much money you can deposit daily for your daughter, under that you have to deposit it in the bank.
  • While taking LIC policy, it is mandatory for your daughter to be of age up to 1 year.

Documents Required for LIC Kanyadan Policy Scheme

  • Passport size photograph (any 2).
  • Aadhar Card, PAN Card (any one of these).
  • Your marriage certificate, signed by you and your wife.
  • Birth certificate (of your daughter).
  • The address of where you live. (Home Address)

LIC Kanyadaan Policy Plan Premium Payment

  • You can pay whenever you want. If your depositing capacity is high then you can deposit daily, otherwise, you can pay in 1 month, 4 months or 6 months in one go.
  • You have to pay BS for 22 years, then on completion of 25 years, the government returns it according to the amount you deposited for the marriage of your daughter. Due to this, you do not even have to carry much weight.

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