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Important Rules Of New Education Policy

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New Education Policy:- Human Resource Management is also know as the Ministry of Education.

Earlier the table of 10 + 2 was follow, but due to the New Policy from 2021, 5 + 3 + 3 + 4 these UGC, ANITC will include NCC in the universities.

Due to which a discipline will be create among the students and love for their country will be awaken in more and more students.

In the year 2021-22, NCC will be made an optional subject in universities.

Students who will take admission to NCC will be award, Seshanik Medal.

Due to the New policy. He will be honor. By giving awards under the scheme of the state government.

Why the change in the level of Education Policy?

The government continues to make efforts to change the level of new policy

so that students’ interest in reading increases and steps towards their bright future.

Recently, some time back the National This Policy has. Been implement by Education Minister Ramesh Pokhriyal Nishank.

This scheme has been implement by the Education Minister in consultation with all the states and union territories for the benefit of the students.

Rules of the New Education Policy:-

After 1968 and 1986, this is the third time the new policy is being implement in the year 2021.

In this new education policy, uniform rules have been implement in all the states.

Earlier different This policy was implement in different states.

For example, as in Gujarat, the students of 11th, 12th used to have a semester wise examination

then the percentage of both 11th and 12th was take by combining all four semesters.

Due to the new education policy, this will not happen now. Now the same education policy has been implement in all the states.

With the new education policy, students will get a chance to know their mother tongue deeply

Recently, while improving the policy, due to the new education policy, from now onwards.

students up to class 5th will be made to study in their mother tongue Hindi only,

So that students will get a chance to know and understand their mother tongue deeply.

Due to the new policy, attention will also be give to the sports of the students themselves.

Students who will be interest in sports, sports, music etc., along with their studies

other interests will also be take care of.

Under the new education policy, studies will be complete in 15 years.

The Education Minister and Union Territories of other states have also take. A decision together that countries outside India have been give permission to study and teach in India.

Due to this, you will not need to study outside India, due to which the students will get higher education.

After some time, the fees of Privat Schools and Government Schools will also be include.

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