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What Is Credit Card, It’s Full Information

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Credit Card:- There are many types of credit cards available in India nowadays.

. Different banks give different types of offers,

.we have to decide which bank to take credit cards from and our ability to take credit cards is very important.

. If we pay the bill on time then we do not incur any extra penalty.

. We should limit the card as much as we need

What is a credit card:

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Credit cards are also call plastic cards.

.A credit card is the same as a debit card, the only difference between the two is that the bank gives you a limit on the card, for example, 20, 30,000, 40,000.

Nowadays there are many The bank gives different attractive offers, which bank will be right for us,

. all this should be consider after taking a credit card from that bank.

. The card limit ranges from 25,000 to 300,000.

Who can take credit cards

We can take them both online and offline.

We can also apply online from the website from the bank from which we want to take a card, we can also take it offline from the bank,

those who do jobs who have a lot of income can easily take a card

For example ICICI Bank, You can apply online by visiting ICICI Bank,

.it takes one month after that the credit card is deliver to our given address.

credit card

Credit card usage:-

. The bank from which we take a card. That bank gives us a limit, it keeps on changing with time.

. Online shopping can be done very easily with a credit card.

. With the help of a card. You can also withdraw cash from ATM, but there is a penalty in it.

. A credit card is better than a debit card.

Benefits of Debit Card:-

. With a credit card, we can withdraw money in an emergency.

.There is a limit of one month in this, till then the drink has to be return.

. We can shop online with a card, in which we also get discounts. In which we get rewards points, which can be radiate.

. Even if we do not have money on the card, we can withdraw money

. because even after a month we can drink in it, if we have money on the debit card, then we can withdraw it.

. Money in the card does not have to be paid at the same time. After a month the bill comes at home or office,

. then we have to drink, and it takes 15-20 days to pay that bill.

. Not being able to pay the bill on time, or forget to pay the bill due to some reason, which incurs a huge penalty.

Disadvantages of credit cards:-

. Sometimes the credit card is lost by mistake. Then the card should be close immediately because then anyone can use it and OTP does not even come.

. OTP is used only for international payment. If the person who got our card makes an international transaction payment then we do not get OTP.

. We spend more with credit cards,

For example, we also buy what we do not need because the bill has to be paid after a month

Eligibility to take a credit card: –

Credit cards should be take at least when we are 19 years old.

. When we have to pay the card amount, it becomes payable.

credit card payment

. Credit cards are mostly use for online payments or for withdrawing money.

. You can make online payments by visiting any e-commerce website.

. For Example: – If you are shopping online from Flipkart, then for this you first click on Select a Payment Method

. On that, you will be give many options to make online payments.

. From that, you can easily make payment by selecting the option of a card.

Credit Card

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