India to introduce innovative(VTU)

Who Is the first in India to introduce innovative(VTU)

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India to introduce innovative(VTU), Visvesvaraya Technological University (VTU) was found in 1998. It is a non-profit private university situate in rural Belgaum metropolitan area. With a population of between 1,000,000 and 5,000,000 residents of Karnataka. It is a legal requirement that universities offering engineering and technology courses in the state of Karn Bangalore must be affiliat to a university such as VTU. The state of Karnataka has 24 autonomous engineering colleges affiliated to the university. In Visves varaya, there are 2305 recognize research centers. Which are distribute through the university and various affiliat institutions in different cities of the state. India to introduce innovative(VTU)

The University of Visvesvaraya Technological University (VTU) has signed Memoranda of Understanding with multinational corporations such as IBM, Intel, Asia Electronics Inc., Ingersoll Rand India Ltd., Bengaluru, Nokia, Bosch, Rexroth and Microsoft to improve industry interaction with students and teachers. In 1994, in order to improve quality of technical education in Karnataka, the government of Karnataka passed the VTU law, which led to the establishment of the University and commitment to technical education. All existing universities in the state of Karnataka, which offer technical program linked to a regional state university, are oblige to relocate to the university.


India to introduce innovative(VTU):- The university has more than 20 years of excellence in engineering and technical education. The university has 202 affiliated colleges, 1 constituent university, 17 autonomous colleges, bachelor’s degrees in 35 disciplines, PG program in 94 disciplines, PhD, MSc and ENGG research program, 592 faculties and more than 400,000 engineering students studying at various affiliated institutes. Institute of Engineering Colleges has the best teachers, libraries and educational institutions. It’s the best educational institution for me. I am satisfied with the offer from VTU.

Affiliated and non-autonomous universities evaluate students on the basis of a grading system. COMEDK and private colleges conduct separate entrance examinations, known as COMEdK-UGET, which serve as a window for admission to the university and seats at private colleges.

Applicants apply the University of VTU
India to introduce innovative(VTU):- Applicants apply to the University of VTU by completing the require application form, which is submit to the rector of the respective university. Applicants who complete the personal round of interviews at the university will be inform of their admission by telephone or e-mail (I / D). With regard to placement, VTU is working through its Central Placement Cell (CPC) to place students for courses at the university.

There are four centers in Karnataka

Belagavi, Kalaburgi, Bangalore and Mysore. The Visvesvaraya Institute of Advanced Technology (VIAT) is a research institute in Muddenahalli, Karnataka. The southern regional center of Vishveshwaraya Technological University of Karnataka is situate on a contoured 8hectare site in the leafy and peaceful city of Mysore.

India to introduce innovative(VTU), The VTU University offers its VTU students several performance and needs-oriented scholarships. Speaking to this newspaper, an official from the State University said that belonging to the engineering schools was one of the key functions of the university. Notable exceptions to VTU Act include Visvesvaraya University and the College of Engineering. Which are affiliate with Bangalore University. The National Institute of Technology, Surathkal and the Manipal Institute of Technology but are not limit to them.

The development and supervision of the university is commission by the state government. Only when a complaint is lodge with the Executive Board of the Governor. And the Chancellor of the University can they do anything. However, in this case, the university’s highest body, the Finance Committee, was not contact. The complaint was attend by the university’s ongoing Local Investigation Committee on the Renewal of University Membership.

Who Is the first in India to introduce innovative

VTU was the first in India to introduce innovative steps in exam reform by introducing a digital evaluation system in 2011-12. Followed by online access to questionnaires by affiliated universities. The Question Paper Delivery System (QPDS), the announcement of results and availability of photocopies for PG courses, the evaluation of theses and doctorate theses and the announcement of exam results via mobile phone and SMS. If you compare your Visvesvaraya Technical University in India in the context of the results of the evaluation of the Visvesvarao institutions. You can compare them to get an overview of the country and the region to which it belongs. And of the institutions around the world that bring it into its respective positions. This year, RGBSI was add to the CRains Private 200 List, CRains largest IT company and CRains largest engineering company.

India to introduce innovative(VTU)

RGBSI aims to create Centers of Excellence for Entrepreneurship to provide university students. With the education and support they need to become entrepreneurs and bring innovative products and services to the world. In January 2019, Tripura University installed a 500 kW solar system on the roof of its Tripura campus. A solar roof project was erect on the administration building. The library and the PG block of the university. Solar panels were install on the roofs of selected buildings of the university administration. To cover 90% of the annual energy demand, depending on the available roof area.

India to introduce innovative(VTU):- Shaurya holds a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from Lancaster University, UK. Board of Postgraduate Programs in English, Media 2.0, Civil Engineering, Computer Aided Design, Structural Engineering. Technology, Environmental Engineering, Geo-Informatics, Highway Technology, Civil Engineering, Traffic Engineering, Infrastructure Management and Construction Management.
According to a recent placement report by VTU University the highest salary offered was 5-5.5 LPA. While the average salary was 2.6 LPA when leading industry giants such as Cognizant. Wipro, Infosys, IBM, Mind Tree, Unisoft and Axis Bank visited the campus.

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