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New Car Insurance Policy – TATA AIG, It Coverage

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New Car Insurance Policy – TATA AIG
As the proud owner of a brand new car, this purchase is probably one of your biggest milestones. However, amidst this joy, you must never overlook the importance of getting car insurance for your brand new vehicle. If you are well-aware of the condition of Indian roads and the driving habits of most drivers, you might know that your vehicle will always carry a risk, however small, of ending up with some damages. But a good car insurance policy keeps you free from that thought and also makes you a more confident driver on the road.

You also can get insurance for your car if you want to protect your precious car against all the damages it can face through natural calamities, man-made disasters as well as theft.
To safeguard the interests of all vehicle owners, the Government of India has made car insurance mandatory for every vehicle owner, as per the Motor Vehicle Act. While every car owner may not have a comprehensive car insurance policy, at least a third-party cover is a legal compulsion.

With the help of a third party car insurance policy, the policyholder can at least save themselves from the hassles of third-party liabilities.
A comprehensive car insurance policy, on the other hand, provides more extensive coverage and should be purchased if the policyholder wants more protection than simple third-party insurance.

the types of car insurance
When you look for car insurance details online, you will come across two major car insurance policies that are most prevalent in the Indian market. These are mentioned below:

Third-party car insurance

Third-party car insurance is a type of insurance policy where the insurance coverage only protects the policyholder from third-party liabilities. This means your insurance provider will settle the damages incurred by another vehicle or person that has been damaged or injured due to your vehicle. It is important to note that the policyholder of the third-party insurance cannot claim damages for their own vehicle.

Comprehensive car insurance
In comprehensive car insurance, apart from receiving a third-party cover, you can also receive insurance coverage for any damage caused to your car in an accident.
Own damage cover, as it is called, is what makes comprehensive insurance different from basic third-party car insurance. Moreover, comprehensive policies provide a great deal of flexibility where you can choose what type of damages your car can be protected against, which add-ons can be included in the policy and how you can reduce the premium amount through a No Claim Bonus, etc.

Tips to keep in mind while purchasing insurance for your brand new car
Purchasing car insurance in India is a smart choice. It does not just ensure that you obey the law but further results in financial cushioning when your car needs to be repaired in case of damages.

Type of policy and the extent of coverage

Before purchasing a car insurance policy, you must always decide which type of car insurance policy suits your requirement. You can easily choose between third party car insurance and comprehensive car insurance; most policyholders generally go for a comprehensive cover as it also provides third-party insurance cover.
In addition to this, consider the extent of the coverage; the car insurance should ensure that you receive the maximum benefit from the policy.

Inclusion of add-ons
A majority of insurance providers offer additional coverage in the form of car insurance add-ons which can be include in your base policy to enhance the coverage. With add-ons, specific parts of your car can be protect from damage. For example, an engine protection add-on will cover the costs incurred by a damaged engine. While there are certain terms attach to the use of these add-ons. They can help you save some money if your car incurs some specific kind of damage.

Process of receiving a car insurance claim

While looking for insurance for your new car, you must also take into consideration the process of receiving a car insurance claim. Always check the claim settlement ratio of an insurance provider as this is a good indicator of how reliable your insurer can be while settling claims.

Always calculate the insurance premium with an car insurance premium calculator
The most important rule before purchasing the right insurance for a brand new car is to determine the total premium outflow. As your car is brand new, the premium cost will be higher (due to higher market value). Use a car premium calculator to calculate the exact car insurance premium you need to shell out to get the exact nature and extent of coverage you require for your new car.

Most car dealers generally provide a third-party cover since it is illegal to drive a car without insurance. However, it is recommended that you purchase the policy online from a reliable insurance provider to get the insurance policy quickly and without any hassle. Moreover, the options available online can also help you choose better.

Secure your 4-wheeler with TATA AIG car insurance online

If you have recently purchased a brand-new car and are now looking for a reliable insurance company, then getting the TATA AIG car insurance online can be a good choice for you. We offer a comprehensive car insurance policy, with a choice of 12 attractive riders, to ensure complete coverage for your new purchase. Additionally, we have a seamless online purchase and renewal process to ensure a quick, easy and transparent transaction.

TATA AIG Car Insurance Policy – Renewal Online, Review

TATA AIG motor insurance policy protects your car against financial liabilities arising out of unforeseen contingencies and unanticipated situations such as accidents, theft or natural calamities. It secures you against own-damage, third-party liabilities, other hassles and provides you with maximum benefits without considerable burden on your budget.

TATA AIG, a collaboration between TATA, India and AIG, USA, serves millions across the country through its 3,000+ strong cashless garage network and 24×7 claim assistance services.

Features & Advantages:- TATA Car Insurance Policy

TATA AI Gindemnifies the insured against loss/damage to the car insured hereunder and/or its accessories while thereon
(a) by fire/explosion/self-ignition/lightning
(b) by burglary/housebreaking/theft
(c) by riot/strike
(d) by earthquake (fire/shock damage)
(e) by flood, typhoon, hurricane, storm, tempest, inundation, cyclone, hailstorm, frost
(f) by accidental external means
(g) by malicious act
(h) by terrorist activity
(i) while in transit by road/rail/inland-waterway/lift/elevator/air
(j) by landslide/rockslide.
Subject to a deduction for depreciation concerning parts replaced- as per the policy wordings.

The insurer also indemnifies the insured, in the event of an accident caused by/arising out of the use of the car, against all sums which the insured shall become legally liable to pay in respect of death of/bodily injury to any person (including occupants or damage to property other than property of the insured/held in trust/in the custody/control of the insured).

TATA Car Insurance Policy

TATA AIG undertakes to pay compensation for bodily injury or death sustained by the owner/driver of the car, up to 15 lakh rupees, in direct connection with the car insured. 100% in case of the death, loss of sight in both the eyes, loss of both limbs and total/permanent disability.50% in case of loss of sight of one eye and loss of one limb.

TATA AIG Car Insurance Online:- Add-On Covers
The cover is available for cars up to 5 years old. Any claim where replacement of a part is not involved, and no depreciation is deducted under own-damage claim, is not included. Your car is repaired at authorise garages, workshops and service stations. 

The first time registration charges and the road tax incurred on the insured car are also reimbursed.  
The replacement car reaches you within 24 hours of your car reaching the garage or the time of intimation of claim, whichever is later (excluding national holidays and weekends). It is provided on 8 hours or 80 km/day basis, whichever is less. If the insurance company is not able to arrange a courtesy car, you receive the fixed travel cost for the period (as per your policy wordings).

TATA AIG Car Insurance Premium

Multiple factors determine your car insurance premium. They include your car’s age, cubic capacity, brand, model, variant, no-claim bonus, your place (urban or rural), chosen fuel type and the voluntary deductible.
Car owners or prospective buyers can choose the right insurance by exploring all available policies and plans through online insurance comparison portals such as

Such user-friendly platforms, with the help of few clicks, help you make informed choices, compare quotations, premium amount, simplify and speed up the process of buying suitable car insurance. 

 TATA AIG Car Insurance Renewal & Application
One can apply for/renew a car insurance policy by viewing and comparing quotes online through insurance comparison services such as 

 TATA AIG Car Insurance Review

TATA AIG car insurance is highly admire for its comprehensive coverage against accidents and damages. Its practical add-on covers widen the scope of your policy and the established goodwill. Of brand TATA ensures excellent quality services.


Am I allow to transfer my no-claim bonus while switching over to TATA AIG car insurance?
Yes, you are! The applicable discount rate remains constant, and you must provide evidence (confirmation letter or a renewal notice) of being eligible for a no-claim bonus from your previous insurance company on the last policy year. 

  1. How is my car’s IDV calculated?
    Based on your car’s age, model and brand. Depreciation schedule followed by TATA AIG consists of your car’s age. Not exceeding six months to exceeding four years but less than five years. The depreciation percentage for calculating IDV could vary from 5% to 50%. 

2. Can you explain TATA AIG car insurance’s claim settlement process and how long does it take?
Claim settlement- TATA AIG’s toll-free number: 1800-266-7780 or send an SMS (typing ”claims” to 5616181). It takes a maximum of seven days to complete the claim settlement process after sharing all the required documents.

3. Is there a direct settlement facility on car insurance with TATA AIG?
Yes, there is. It can be availed by the policyholders when their insured car is repaired. At authorised garages, dealers or service stations of the insurance provider. 

4. Can I pay my TATA AIG car insurance premium in monthly instalments?

Unfortunately, no; however, you may use your credit card to make full payment and . Then repay it to the card company in agreed instalment.

How can I alter the IDV of my car that is insured with TATA AIG insurance?
It can only be change up to 10% and that too at the time of car insurance renewal. You may use the toll-free number: 1800-266-7780 for initiating the request. 

5.Can I drive someone else’s car on my insurance?

If you assume that you will be totally cover when you drive someone else’s car. On your third party car insurance, you are wrong. However, comprehensive car insurance may help you in this case. But it’s still advisable to check with your car insurer before you hop in someone else’s car.

2.Do you need to have car insurance to drive someone else’s car?

You must consider car insurance before driving a car, whether it is yours or someone else’s. You need to make sure that you are cover under car insurance before driving your or someone else’s car. It doesn’t matter if the car insurance is your own, you’re cover. Under someone else’s car insurance policy or you buy non-owner’s car insurance. You need to have car insurance before driving a car at all cost.

How can you tell who is at fault in a car accident?

Sometimes it’s easy to determine who is at fault in a car accident as you have to identify. Who the careless or negligent one in the accident. However, in some cases, it can be very difficult. In such situations, it is up to the police, court and the insurance company . To point out the faulty one in a car accident. They investigate the matter thoroughly to determine whose fault it was in a car accident.

Can you drive someone else’s car if they are with you?
You can drive someone else’s car if they are with you but you have to make sure that. You have a valid license and you are also cover under car insurance in order to. Avoid any complications that may result due to an accident.

Can I drive someone else’s car if I’m fully comprehensive?
Having a fully comprehensive car insurance plan doesn’t set. You free from all the worries when you drive someone else’s car. Driving other car is acceptable for any emergency, not if you want to just drive for fun. So it may be subject to the claim when you meet an accident while driving someone else’s car. Every car insurance provider does not cover damages when you drive. Someone else’s car even if you have full comprehensive car insurance. 


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