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Important News For Kisan Card The Farmers

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Kisan Card Scheme:- The central government transfers Rs 3,000 annually to 10 crore farmers in their accounts. The land records and biometrics of these 10 crore farmers are with the central government.

The central government is going to start many schemes to compensate the farmers for the loss in agriculture. The central government can increase the limit of Kisan cards.

Modi government is considering implementing many types of schemes for the farmers. Farmers are give loans on the. Credit Card at a very low rate of interest. With a card, you get a loan of up to 3 lakhs.

If you repay the loan within one year, you will get less interest rate and an interest rate, which is 4% instead of a 7% rate.

You can also get crop insurance through Kisan Card.

  • If you also get crop insurance done through a card, then the central government covers the loss cause to you in your crop.
  • The Central Government exempts you in situations like crop failure due to any reason, crop fire and heavy damage due to flood etc.
Utility of Kisan Card
  • Interest is give on the loan in the Kisan card account at the rate of the savings bank.
  • With Card, farmers get a debit card for free.
  • For a loan of 3 lakhs in Card. Interest is available at the rate of 3% per annum.
  • If you repay the loan of card before time, then you get a separate rebate of 4%
  • In the Kisan, before giving a loan to the farmers, they decide on the loan’s cost, agricultural cost, quantity, expenses incurred at the time of harvest, post-time expenses, etc.
  • Farmers can take crop insurance from the card.
  • Crop coverage is available from crop insurance on the card.
Conditions of Kisan Card:-

. card can be take by any category of farmers

. A guarantee is need for loans up to Rs 1, 50 lakh on a Kisan card.

. Kisan has now been made for dairy, fisheries and animal husbandry as well.

Kisan Card Schem

. You can also get the benefit of Prime Minister Samman Nidhi Yojana from the Card.

. Through This Card 1. You can take a loan from the central government up to 50 lakhs.

. Farmers can repay the loan by buying things related to the card, such as taking a loan before harvest and then selling the crop.

. Kisan card attracts interest at the rate of 7%.

Who can take Kisan Card
kisan card

. Kisan Card: Farmers doing farming, dairy, fisheries and animal husbandry farmers can take the card.

. You get a debit card in the name of Card State Bank of India.

Documents required to get Kisan Card

. Your passport size photo (2 photos) for taking card

. Land papers, Aadhar card, PAN card, License. (any one of these)

. If you have not taken a loan from any other bank, the bankers also take this information.

. You can also take a loan on someone else’s land.

. Information about whether any loan has already been take on your land.

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